Dinovember Shenanigans


Watching Harry Potter, complete with popcorn

DINOvember has been in full swing in our house since we discovered it a few weeks ago. It must be getting tough for the Dinosaurs to keep coming up with new ideas, but our 7 year old’s reaction has been more than worth it. Only a few more days to go! Here are some of our favourites so far…


Dinosaurs getting creative


Wow, they built a castle mummy!


Creating Havoc in the Moon Sand


They made Dinosaur shaped biscuits (messily!)


Raiding the fruit bowl


Playing Monster Surgery


Mummy, they caught a toy mouse!


Attacking some passing traffic


One thought on “Dinovember Shenanigans

  1. rocio gonlo Publicado el a mi… Me da reparo, no soporto a m miren dando el peox0#823&;.no lo puedo remediarlo, siempre m iba al coxe… Aver en noviembre q hago.. Darselo s lo daré eso si! Hablo en publico!

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