Making Our Own (Monster) Teddy

Making Our Own Monster Teddy

My son’s school has got a really sensible policy of not letting you send your child back to school until 48 hours after any sickness bug. I love this rule, it means that we have an extra day at home during term time when Theo doesn’t feel poorly any more, but he’s not allowed back to school. We had one of those today and he had the great idea of making a teddy.

He carefully designed his teddy and cut it out and went through my bag of scrap material to decide which body parts would be in which materials. The result is a slightly Frankenstein-esque teddy, but he’s certainly unique and Theo adores him. I have to say I’m quite surprised with how nice he turned out too, and it’s great to use that sewing machine that I went mad to have about 10 years ago and have only used once to make bunting last summer.  Continue reading


Dinovember Shenanigans


Watching Harry Potter, complete with popcorn

DINOvember has been in full swing in our house since we discovered it a few weeks ago. It must be getting tough for the Dinosaurs to keep coming up with new ideas, but our 7 year old’s reaction has been more than worth it. Only a few more days to go! Here are some of our favourites so far… Continue reading

Dinovember has started in our house…


Naughty naughty dinosaurs were on the rampage for food last night while we were sleeping. We found the evidence when we woke up this morning.

Are you SURE you didn’t do it mummy?

Do you think they’ll do something ELSE tonight or do you think they just do it on a Friday?

*excited face*


*Thank you so much* to Refe Tuma who invented Dinovember “A month-long imagination invasion” throught the month of November. I bow to your awesome childhood-enhancing skills.

The joy of jelly


Sometimes it’s nice to just stop and remember the simple pleasures in life. Like eating wobbly jelly with a spoon: something which gives you huge pleasure when you’re 7, but which I haven’t done in years! I was making this spectacularly retro-pudding and hand some jelly left over which my little boy wolfed down amid much concentrating and giggling.

Ah, the joy of jelly. Not to be underestimated.

The joy of jelly

Toffee Apple Fail

Toffee Apple Fail

I never stopped to consider how hard it would be to eat a toffee apple when your front teeth haven’t come through yet. This wasn’t even a toffee apple, it was a chocolate-dipped apple which has to be easier. As you can see my 7-year-old gave it a valiant try but truly struggled to get into the darn thing. Thank goodness I didn’t bother making a batch of toffee apples at home! Maybe next year…

The Shocking Facts about Fast Food advertising to Children

Some shocking facts about fast-food TV advertising aimed at Children. I guess it’s not too surprising really, but when it’s put into an easy-to-read infographic like this it makes for pretty cross-making reading.

I took my son to McDonald’s yesterday, he was desperate to go (which kind of surprised me). I discovered through that  it wasn’t particularly because of the food he wanted to go there, it’s because they have iPads to play on at our local McDs (of course we have iPads at home, but somehow iPads at McDonald’s are more exciting).

The first thing he did (after sitting and watching the big animation screens while we ordered) was to check out his Happy Meal toy. All these things certainly make eating at McDonald’s a stress-fee experience as a parent, the kids are happy and entertained, so I was pretty happy too. Having read this information though I’m less surprised by how much he wanted to go to McDonald’s in the first place. I’m guessing it’s because he watches Cartoon Network and Nicktoons. Hmmmm. Not sure what to think about that…

The Shocking Facts about Fast Food advertising to Children

Original source

I’m so hungry I could eat a Hippogriff…

Harry Potter marauder's map

I’m such a little kid at heart. I throw a Halloween party every year. Halloween has always been one of my favourite holidays and once it’s over you’re properly into the run-up for Christmas, so it’s a nice way to mark the very end of the summer.

This year I’m very excited: we’re having a Harry Potter themed party. All the guests have been assigned with a character so that we don’t get duplicates (adults being  the adult characters and the kids getting to be the children) and I can’t wait! I’ve already made the invitations (above) as versions of Harry’s Marauder’s Map and I’ll do a separate post showing exactly how I did those probably on Monday…

Our Halloween party is always the very last barbecue of the year, whatever the weather. The men all get out in the garden there in their oh-so-flamable fancy dress costumes pouring lighter fluid on the coals and cooking by torchlight (I love a bit of danger).

This makes the food for the Harry Potter party much easier, everyone loves chicken, burgers or sausages, so I’m not going to worry about making that Harry Potter-fied, and it does mean I can go to town with the puddings.

After pouring over the Harry Potter books, and doing some research on the internet these are some of the things I fancy trying:

  • Berty Bott’s Every Flavour Beans: (Jelly beans re-packaged – I might put these into party bags rather than the kids going TOO suger-crazed during the party)
  • Pumpkin Pasties: I have no idea how to make these. I’m thinking of a sweet pumpkin-pie type mixture inside sweet pasties, but I’ve never even had pumpkin pie, so I’m going to have to get Googling to recipes for that I think!
  • Chocolate Frogs: sounds pretty easy – I thought I might make these myself if I can find some frog moulds and mix popping candy in with the chocolate. Is there a trick to this though? Does the popping candy dissolve when mixed with the melted chocolate…? I guess I’ll find out!
  • Butter Beer: I thought I might make a concoction of something like cream soda and ginger ale for this.
  • Chocolate Wands: Chocolate pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate  with sprinkles or glitter

What do you think? Do you have any other suggestions? I though about making Cockroach Clusters, but I’m not sure how I’d do these yet… Any suggestions would be gratefully received!

Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas – Part 1

I love these ideas for party decorations. I’ll have to get collecting jam jars!


Isn’t this cake amazing! There’s no way I’m going to be making one of these, but I thought I’d share anyway!


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