Shaming Myself Into Dieting

I’ve been eating far too much rubbish recently – cheese, chocolate and way too much sugar. It’s giving me the jitters and a few spots, and I need to get myself into a healthier eating regime, especially before the Christmas over-eating season starts.

I struggle with dieting because I seem to have no self-control whatsoever, so I figured I could shame myself into dieting by publishing everything I eat. I realize that nobody will be in the slightest bit interested in this, but the fact that I’m committing to do it might make me think twice about hitting the biscuit-tin constantly in between meals!

I’m not planning on eating an overload of lettuce and no sweet treats whatsoever, but I am going to try and stick to 3 meals a day and cut down on my snacking.

So today, I’ve been pretty virtuous, I’ve had a bowl of unsweetened muesli for breakfast and pita bread stuffed with Greek salad stuff for lunch. Now all I have to do is get through to dinner without whipping up a quick batch of biscuits

Wish me luck!

I made it through to dinner time, had a healthy home-cooked Szechuan Chicken with rice and broccoli for dinner followed with a mini pot of chocolate mousse just because my sugar cravings were SO bad (to anyone who says sugar isn’t addictive try being me right now). The chocolate mousse didn’t touch the cravings so I won’t bother with that again, lesson learned. I did snack a little in the evening, but only on olives with a small glass of wine, so at least that’s a step in the right direction… Day one complete, and with no emergency biscuits made 😉


The joy of jelly


Sometimes it’s nice to just stop and remember the simple pleasures in life. Like eating wobbly jelly with a spoon: something which gives you huge pleasure when you’re 7, but which I haven’t done in years! I was making this spectacularly retro-pudding and hand some jelly left over which my little boy wolfed down amid much concentrating and giggling.

Ah, the joy of jelly. Not to be underestimated.

The joy of jelly

Honey I shrunk the kid

Giant Bourbon biscuit

Either my son’s shrinking or biscuits are getting bigger…

Actually this is a Giant Bourbon Biscuit which they’re selling at Waitrose at the moment. How fabulous is that? They also do oversize Custard Creams, Jammy Dodgers and Iced Rings and wow, they’re good! Just the ticket for a Friday afternoon with a cup of tea!

The 2013 blackberry harvest. Now what…?


I  got up early this morning and headed out to scour the hedgerows for blackberries, dragging along a reluctant 7 year old (I believe that being made to pick blackberries is an important part of childhood!). Kids need to know that not all food comes from a supermarket don’t they? Plus there is food out there in the wild which is wonderful! I also spotted lots of elderberries and rosehips but I wanted to concentrate on the blackberries for now.

The question is though, what to do with them?  I was thinking of making a blackberry and apple pie, or maybe a crumble, but I’m not sure. What do you make with blackberries? Any suggestions would be very welcome!


A Divine afternoon treat

Divine chocolate

I hate to say it, but I fear the summer might be over. If it is, we can’t complain, it’s been a much better summer than the last few years and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every second of the sunshine! I actually feel ready for the autumn to arrive so that I can indulge in some warming comfort food. I love the changing of the seasons and I’ve kind of had enough of salads and sundresses – I’m ready for hotpot, lasagna and jeans and jumpers!

Cooler weather is perfect excuse to indulge in some great coffee with great chocolate, and I had this Divine chocolate waiting in my cupboard for just such an afternoon pick-me-up! I *adore* dark chocolate, and these deluxe bars are gorgeous! One bar was dark chocolate with raspberries, and the other with ginger and orange. *sigh* Chocolate bliss!

I’d like to point out that I didn’t eat both bars completely alone (sadly my husband and little boy both discovered the chocolate before I’d had the chance to scoff both bars), but they went pretty darn quickly. What’s your favourite kind of chocolate?

Divine chocolate Divine chocolate

Because you can’t be healthy all the time…

crisp sandwich

I’m trying to eat healthily, honestly I am, but today I just really fancied a crisp sandwich for lunch. My favourite seeded bread, salt and vinegar crisps and lashings of lovely quality butter, washed down with a great cup of fresh coffee. Yum!

What’s your favourite trashy lunch? Can you outdo me and my crisp butty?