Brief Bonfire Night Shenanigans

Bonfire night sparklers

We’re not the first people to photograph sparklers on Bonfire Night, and we certainly won’t be the last, but it’s the first time we’ve tried doing it and I’m rather pleased with the results! We’re all still a bit partied-out after our Harry Potter party at the weekend (I really will post photos of that soon) so half an hour in the garden plus a packet was sparklers was just about right for us. Now to retire to an upstairs window to watch the fireworks in the warmth and maybe with a cup of coffee and some of those left-over Halloween sweets!

Happy Bonfire night everyone!

Bonfire night sparklers

Bonfire night sparklers

The obligatory name writing (Dino)


Obligatory name writing #2 (Theo)

Bonfire night sparklers

A map of our local karting track. Karting-mad those boys *sigh*


Win a Bird in The Bush set of stacking mugs

Bird in The Bush stacking mugs from Invotis Orange.


Fancy being supremely stylish around the breakfast table, or when your friends pop over for tea? What could be better than this beautiful set of stacking mugs which double up as art when you’re not using them!

About the prize:

I have one set of Bird in the Bush stacking mugs to give away to 1 lucky Nice Like Nigella reader thanks to the lovely people at Lifestylebazaar.

Bird in The Bush is a fun set of stacking mugs from Invotis Orange. These cups are not only very nice to use but also beautiful when stacked up, becoming a sculpture. Made of white porcelain with a single blue bird. Dimensions: 26cm x 12.5cm when stacked.

About Lifestylebazaar

“It’s hard to believe it’s ten years since the launch of Lifestylebazaar, created by partners Laurent Nurisso and Christopher Curtis who’s aim is to bring together an eclectic mix of design and decorative objects for the home that includes furniture and lighting.

Our philosophy is all about finding products for the home that are not seen on every high street, offering an eclectic mix of style, design, colours and texture. We aim to offer customers a personal shopping experience. We search the planet for all things new and look to constantly change ideas to reflect trends in home decor whilst appreciating that most of us live with our interior and exterior spaces for longer that just one season.”

Together they search for and hand-pick the designers and products featured on their website Lifestylebazaar.

So, how do you enter?

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Win a set of Marimekko tea towels



If you read my other blog, you’ll know that I love all things retro and these fabulously stylish tea towels are no exception!

About the prize:

I have a set of these gorgeous Marimekko tea towels to give away to 1 lucky Nice Like Nigella reader, thanks to the lovely people at
Designed in by Maija Isola in 1964 to teach Armi Ratia, the founder of Marimekko, a lesson after she had announced in public that no floral fabrics would be produced by Marimekko. Maija Isola blatantly ignored the mission statement and created not one, but a complete collection of iconic floral patterns.Today, many different Unikko-pattern products are available, and new colourways have been created by Maija’s daughter, Kristina Isola.

Pack of two. Colour: green/yellow.


Funktion Alley is an independent Swedish company that was established in February 2006 in Malmö. In August 2006 we opened our first UK design store at the Redbrick Mill complex near Leeds.
funktion is a Swedish word…
Influenced by their Swedish location, Funktion Alley was originally established to help promote and launch the product portfolios of a few young Scandinavian designers in the UK. Focusing on function with a bit more funk (hence the company name) our first products were the UNSTASHED noteboard, the trioBike and Miss Flatchair. Very different designs but all with something original, ethical and practical about them.
funk is funk in any language…

So, how do you enter?

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Making a Harry Potter Marauder’s Map

Making a Harry Potter Marauder's Map

I’m a day late in posting this so I apologise. I was very proud of my  dinosaur footprint biscuits yesterday and couldn’t resist sharing those instead!

As you probably know by now, I’m throwing a Harry Potter party for Halloween this year. I’m a total HP geek and can’t wait to start making gruesome potion decorations and chocolate frogs!

I made a version of Harry Potter’s Marauder’s Map for the invitations, mostly because I thought the kids would love them, but also because I though it was such a great idea!

I found an amazing tutorial here which I thoroughly recommend. It provides you with the maps to print out and step by step instructions too.

Once you’ve printed the map pieces, you soak the paper in cold tea and while the paper is still wet sprinkle with instant coffee granules to create age spots (how genius is that idea?!) Then dry the paper out in an oven for a few minutes, press, trim and seal with wax and you have yourself some VERY impressive Harry Potter invitations.

What do you think?

Making a Harry Potter Marauder's Map Making a Harry Potter Marauder's Map

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Making breakfast time more beautiful

Breakfast bar stool

I’ve long yearned for a breakfast bar. In our current house though it would mean chopping our medium sized kitchen into 2 annoyingly small sub-rooms, so I’m going to have to wait for a bigger house before I get my first thing in the monring chill-out spot.

I just feel that my day would start better if I could sit and sip my lovely first cup of coffee (black French freshly-ground caffitiere coffee) from a smart leather kitchen stools! Oh and having friends over for afternoon cups of tea and thick slices of chocolate cake at the breakfast bar would work well too…

Clockwise from top left:

Making my own bunting

How to make your own bunting

I’ve always loved bunting – it makes any room look instantly ready for a party, looks super pretty and the great thing is how simple it is to make. I ran mine up in less than an hour using 4 different pieces of leftover material (2 lots of old curtain material and some cheap cotton fabric) and a sewing machine. If you haven’t got a sewing machine, don’t worry you can either do it by hand (although that would be a bit of a hassle) or use self-adhesive bias binding and just iron it all together!

I used this bunting template to cut out lots of triangles from 4 different patterns of material and then just sewed them onto the bias binding in an alternating pattern.

You will  need:

  • Scraps of fabric and thread
  • Scissors
  • Bias binding (approx 2cm in width)

How to make your own bunting

Anniversary dinner…

Dino Prosecco

It was our 11th wedding anniversary this week (don’t ask me, I have no idea where all those years have gone!). I cooked our go-to occasion meal: individual Boeuf en Coute which my husband always asks for every birthday and special occasion. I’ll get round to posting the recipe for that soon, but not tonight…

I cooked the anniversary dinner and my hubby brought 2 bottles of bubbly plus a gorgeous bunch of roses. Lucky me! He bought a bottle of Mumm champagne (very nice) but the real revelation was the bottle of ‘Dino’ Prosecco. He bought it as bit of a joke (his name is Dino) but it turned out to be so much nicer than champagne – fresh, crisp and incredibly gluggable!

The hand painted wine glasses were an anniversary present from my mum and dad and are by Lolita – aren’t they beautiful? The heart-shaped slate mat was something I couldn’t resist from Waitrose. I know it’s twee to have everything heart-shaped, but I love it (see what I did there…?)