Brief Bonfire Night Shenanigans

Bonfire night sparklers

We’re not the first people to photograph sparklers on Bonfire Night, and we certainly won’t be the last, but it’s the first time we’ve tried doing it and I’m rather pleased with the results! We’re all still a bit partied-out after our Harry Potter party at the weekend (I really will post photos of that soon) so half an hour in the garden plus a packet was sparklers was just about right for us. Now to retire to an upstairs window to watch the fireworks in the warmth and maybe with a cup of coffee and some of those left-over Halloween sweets!

Happy Bonfire night everyone!

Bonfire night sparklers

Bonfire night sparklers

The obligatory name writing (Dino)


Obligatory name writing #2 (Theo)

Bonfire night sparklers

A map of our local karting track. Karting-mad those boys *sigh*


2 thoughts on “Brief Bonfire Night Shenanigans

  1. My next crockpot recipe will include a crockpot fashion shoot just for you!I always feel bad when I cook sohmteing in the crockpot on the weekends, because Steven has to sit in the delicious smelling apartment all day. I would never do it on one of my days off though, it would drive me crazy. I also like making meals that require more prep on days when I have a lot of time.

  2. My blog has been lost and I will star a new one in a moth's time. I will still be following and will let you know when I am backk. Continue to enjoy your postsBlogspot kidnapped my blog,Google held it ransomAnd not even a sympathetic posseof bloggers could get it back.RIP

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