Fairies in a Jar? More like Toxic Sludge…

Fairies in a Jar? More like toxic sludge...

You’ll know by now that I’m throwing a Harry Potter Party for Halloween next week. It’s getting to that stressful sage of pre-party planning where you’ve planned everything you can but it’s too early to actually DO anything yet! Well, too early to start cooking anyway! I’m feeling a bit stressed with the prospect of making chocolate wands, exploding chocolate frogs, pumpkin pasties and death by chocolate-cake as well as lots of other things I’ve probably forgotten!

Anyway, I’ve made some garden lanterns to light my November barbecue but I suddenly thought how lovely it would be to have some ‘Fairies in a  Jar’ for the garden. Glowing, glittery pretty jars, “how magical” I (naively) thought…

So I had a good search around and there seemed to be two main ways of making Fairies in a Jar. One with glow-in-the-dark paint which you dab around the jar and then have to charge in sunlight, and the way I chose: with a glow stick and some glitter.

The tutorials on YouTube looked amazing, but it really didn’t work out so well when I tried it (as you can see). Very much more toxic green sludge than beautiful fairies. Perhaps that’s actually more appropriate for Halloween, but I can’t say I love them…

I’m not really sure what went wrong. First I tried the little thin glow sticks, which was fine until I realised that the liquid inside them is all the same colour (lilac) and it’s only the outer plastic which is different colours. Rubbish. Also, the glow wasn’t particularly bright, so I tried one of the bigger 6″ glowsticks. And you can see how that turned out.

Yuk.  Can anyone suggest how to make this more successful? Where did I go wrong?!

Fairies in a Jar? More like toxic sludge...

How magical…


2 thoughts on “Fairies in a Jar? More like Toxic Sludge…

    • Thanks Jeyna! I had totaly confidence that they would look as good as the YouTube videos – maybe it was the kind of glow sticks I used? Don’t think I’ll bother trying it again though 🙂

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