A 7 Year Old’s Challenge: World Food Month

I’m not sure quite what I’ve let myself in for.  I’ve long been encouraging my 7-year-old to be more adventurous with his food and all of a sudden he seems to be embracing the idea. Which is fabulous.

Kind of.

He’s asked me whether he can try foods from different countries – which is great – I’m all for expanding his horizons. He was amazed to find that a lot of the food we eat actually originates from different countries “Really mummy? Pasta isn’t from England?”. He’s taken this one step further that I was planning on though. Yesterday when he got home from school he spent half an hour quietly writing me a tick-sheet to stick on the fridge with all the different countries he could think of.

Food list

The countries seem to be a mixture of places we’ve been on holiday and the Formula 1 calendar. Again, no complaints. Until I realised I was going to have to make food from countries I know very little about. National dish of Abu Dhabi anyone?

We’ve ticked off the easiest countries so far: Italy (pasta), England (roast chicken on Sunday), Greece (a great slow-cooker Kleftico recipe which I must get round to posting) and Hungary (spelled Hungry: Goulash).

I’ve been tasked with cooking French tonight (Chicken Chasseur – bless you slow-cooker) but goodness only knows what I’ll cook for some of the other nights. Monaco for goodness sake? *sigh*

Suggestions for ANY of the countries off this list would be very welcome. I’ve been tasked with Germany tomorrow and I’m not sure he’d like Sauerkraut…


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