Why Jason Statham is Making Me Fat


So, I was innocently watching The Ipcress File as I pottered around the kitchen. I love the fact that I can watch telly on my iPad while I’m doing the dishwasher! Anyway, back to Ipcress: as you may know Harry Palmer (Michael Caine) is a bit of a foodie. The movie starts with him slowly and precisely grinding his own coffee and making a fresh caffetiere of coffee, which would presumably have marked him out as a real gourmet in the Sixties.

I’m not being a coffee snob, I just have a cosy vision of everyone in England drinking Camp instant coffee in the Sixties, and I’m sticking to it.

And it got me thinking about having a nice fresh cup of coffee and perhaps something sweet to go with it, and so we’re back to Madeleines and Jason Statham

I had half a lemon left over so I decided to try a variation on the original recipe. I added the grated rind of a lemon and a few chocolate chips to the mixture, and by the time Harry Palmer got to talking about champignons in the supermarket we were scoffing freshly baked Madeleines…

I MUST give that Madeleine tin back to the friend I borrowed it from, it’s obviously not good for me to have one. Madeleines are just too easy to make (and eat)!

Anyway, here’s Michael Caine making pedantic 1960s coffee…



2 thoughts on “Why Jason Statham is Making Me Fat

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  2. Invdrareta-, unul este judecatorul, dar mai presus de judecata divina, trebuie sa trecem si printr-o judecata particulara, o spovedanie, o marturisire pentru a ajunge la Judecatorul Suprem!

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