Recipe: The perfect chocolate treat for dieters

Diet chocolate crispy cakes

Most of us diet from time to time, and some of us end up dieting most of the time, and you inevitably hit the dieting wall when you NEED something sweet and treaty. It’s oh-so-easy to reach for the chocolate but if you keep some of these beauties in the cupboard, you can treat yourself when you need to without feeling guilty!

I worked it out* and in each cake there are just 51 calories.  Pretty good eh?

Rice Krispie (or cornflakes) Mars bar cakes


  • 1 mars bar
  • 55g unsalted butter
  • 70g Rice Krispies

Melt mars bar and butter together slowly, stirring with a rubber spatula all the time. Tip in the Rice Krispies and turn until they’re all coated. Fill fairy cake cases/mini muffin cases (I usually get about 18 out of one batch) Chill for at least one hour.

Thanks to my lovely (and very slim) friend Lou Lou for this recipe 🙂

*actually I used this site to work it out


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