Anniversary dinner…

Dino Prosecco

It was our 11th wedding anniversary this week (don’t ask me, I have no idea where all those years have gone!). I cooked our go-to occasion meal: individual Boeuf en Coute which my husband always asks for every birthday and special occasion. I’ll get round to posting the recipe for that soon, but not tonight…

I cooked the anniversary dinner and my hubby brought 2 bottles of bubbly plus a gorgeous bunch of roses. Lucky me! He bought a bottle of Mumm champagne (very nice) but the real revelation was the bottle of ‘Dino’ Prosecco. He bought it as bit of a joke (his name is Dino) but it turned out to be so much nicer than champagne – fresh, crisp and incredibly gluggable!

The hand painted wine glasses were an anniversary present from my mum and dad and are by Lolita – aren’t they beautiful? The heart-shaped slate mat was something I couldn’t resist from Waitrose. I know it’s twee to have everything heart-shaped, but I love it (see what I did there…?)


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