Chocolate or cheese? And why DO we love them so?

Chocolate or cheese

My two biggest food weaknesses are undoubtedly dark chocolate and cheese (not together – I could happily binge on either at any given time!) I’ll eat them up I love them so 🙂

So it got me wondering, why do we love these so much?

In this article, it explains that chocolate “stimulates the brain’s pleasure centers” and “contains cannabinoids, the compounds responsible for the high of marijuana. The concentration is too low to cause an effect. More significantly, chocolate contains caffeine and two substances, tyramine and tryptophan, that the brain converts into the feel-good chemicals dopamine and serotonin.

Well that explains chocolate, but what about cheese? I found an article which suggests “that eating cheese causes a release of opiates called casomorphins, which could be what keeps some of us coming back for more (and more, and more…)”

That all sounds about right to me. The question is, what is your big food weakness? Chocolate, cheese or something else?


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