How to make a wheat-free muesli

Oat muesli 

Prep time: 2 minutes

My husband is on a real health-kick at the moment and has decided he wants to try and cut down the amount of wheat in his diet to see whether it makes a difference. Non-wheat cereals are difficult to find – and the ones you can buy in the supermarket are super-expensive – so I thought I’d make my own version of a wheat-free muesli.

All you do is put all the ingredients together in a big plastic tupperware container (the kind you put cereal in) and give them a big shake.Ingredients

  • 1kg porridge oats (just ‘basic’ oats)
  • 300g Raisins or sultanas
  • 50g Pumpkin seeds
  • 50g Chopped mixed Nuts
  • 200g Chopped dates
You can swap around the ingredients depending on what you fancy – you can add any kind of dried fruit, seeds or nuts although I wouldn’t recommend dried coconut as this floats to the top when you add milk!
You can have this as muesli with cold milk or turn it into a fruity porridge by adding milk or water and heating in the microwave for 30 seconds.
Non wheat muesli

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