A Happy Ending for Sad Cereal

Chocolate cereal bars

Prep: 5 mins, then some time in the fridge to set

Whenever I buy one of those selection packs of cereal, I’m inevitably left with a few sad packets of unwanted cereal left at the back of the cupboard. Since my 5 year old never fails to be excited by selection packs, I’ve had to devise a way of giving those sad cereals a happy home.

It’s simple, and gluttonous, and they only take 5 minutes to make.You will need

  • A large bar of your favourite chocolate
  • Left over mini boxes of cereal
  • Sprinkles
  • A small helper (optional)

Melt your chocolate (I use Cadburys Dairy Milk) in a largish bowl in the microwave. Heat at a medium heat and stir frequently to avoid getting a burned spot in the middle.

When the chocolate is runny mix in whichever cereals you have – we used a mixture of rice crispies, shreddies and coco pops moons and stars. Add enough cereal to be comfortably coated in chocolate.

Spoon into cupcake cases. When we made these, I discovered I had run out of cupcake cases, so I used a silicone cupcake tray instead – it worked brilliantly and the cakes just popped out once they’d been in the fridge for an hour.

While the chocolate is still melty, sprinkle liberally with colourful sugar strands and put in the fridge for an hour to set.

Chocolate cereal bars


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